World Class Technology
Zero Maintenance and Repair technology, also known as Multi-Vortex Tornado technology, provides factories with a long awaited hi-performance low-energy filtration solution. With daily operating costs at just 30% of incumbent filtration technology, the compact modular plug-&-play platform includes Hybrid state of the art processes providing the best of both drum-filter and bag-house technologies.
Closed-Loop Energy-Free HVAC can reduce factory HVAC energy requirements by up to 85%. For factories operating without HVAC wishing to upgrade with HVAC the newly developed technology allows HVAC to be installed with only 1/7th of the tonnage. Separated machine-air and human-air ensure staff are safe with zero lung risk.
pneumatic conveying
Automatically transport materials from single or multiple locations within your factory to central collection point(s). Using newly developed low-energy air-separation technology, materials are removed from the air-stream and fed to other process or bailing or pelletising technology.
low energy ducting
High quality Mobi-Air ducting is a sound investment into your factories infrastructure. Low energy, low noise and low maintenance provide long-term paybacks. Dedicate earthing and inspection points maintain best-in-class performance.
Convert your transported waste streams (dust or plastic) into hi-density bales, briquettes or more preferably into pellets. Latest generation pelletizing technology increases financial revenue streams as well as maximizing environmental benefits.
consulting & design
By ensuring system integration is performed with perfection the benefits of your low-energy hybrid filter can be fully utilised. Detailed 3D CAD design and CFD flow analysis ensure best in class operation. Optional 3D laser scanning compliments the 360 degree design process.
our story

Since onset of the air-filtration industry back in the 1920's, cyclonic separators, air scrubbers, bag-houses and drum filters have emerged, and these technologies are indeed seen today across multiple industries. Since their original patent filings back in the 1920s all of these technologies have seen relatively low levels of innovation with marginal process performance improvements with equipment solutions offered today being almost identical to the patent filings back in the 1920s.

Investing millions into R&D and with the support Singaporean Governments SPRING TECS scheme the Mobi-Air team has indeed challenged the status quo of today's incumbent-filtration technologies developing new game-changing technologies including zero maintenance and repair air filtration, low-energy low-turbulence multi-vortex tornado air filtration and closed-loop energy-free HVAC technology.

The Mobi-Air team now offers patented breakthrough low-energy air filtration technology that operates at a fraction of the on-going costs of incumbent bag-house dust collector and drum filter technology. The days of having to decide between high energy drum-filters with restricted process windows or large dust laded bag-houses are indeed in the past.

The hard work and dedication of the Mobi-Air team has indeed revolutionised the air filtration sector benefiting the end-user and protecting the environment for future generations to come. And whilst seeking to protect nature, the Mobi-Air team gained true inspiration from nature itself. The newly developed closed-loop energy-free HVAC is game-changing saving up to 85% of HVAC energy consumption and tonnage; the inspiration for the interchangeable core-cell development came from the bumble bee and their honeycombs which have remarkable strength and high surface area. Likewise, the new low-energy low-turbulence multi-vortex tornado technology was inspired by the naturally forming multi-vortex tornados which exert very high G-Forces and use minimal amounts of energy to operate.

The Mobi-Air team look forward to providing break-through technology to industry enabling reduced environmental loadings whilst significantly boosting end-user profit margin.

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